Our Previous Volunteer

2014 - 2016

Details of their experience can be found in the attached pdf document

Coli Mathew

I encourage anyone who wants to embark on a mission trip to apply to YAAPHA. The Tanzania trip I went on last summer was even better than I expected ( and I had high expectations!) If you are thinking of joining the Tanzania trip I would say you need to like kids. This is an unbelievable experience to be role models to children and teach the English too

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Amanda Philips

Auckland, New Zealand

I volunteered in Tanzania for 2 weeks in May 2016 through YAAPHA TANZANIA and loved it. Organizing my trip through YAAPHA was great, they were helpful, friendly and efficient and were flexible enough that I was able to change things once I was there.


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Stockholm, Sweden


During my 4 weeks stay in Msaranga, Moshi in 2014, I got to be part of a variety of projects and other activities! I worked in the elderly home, with the cutest children & with fun Maasai friends all together with helpful staff! Amazing all in all!


Email: nellyb962@gmail.com

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Ottawa, Canada


When I first decided to begin my travels abroad, I dove right in and chose to go to Tanzania, Africa. Thanks to the endless support from the YAAPHA's staff ,  this trip was easily the most memorable period in my life.


Email: stephieprincess@yahoo.com

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 I have been working at the moshi office for 3 weeks now and have been involved with various groups during this period.

The majority of groups are in need of funding to explore their ideas and establish projects. As a lot of the youth have nothing to do and no opportunities, I defiantly feel that a lot of the older youth would benefit from vocational training and financial support to achieve skills. Then they could seek employment and have choices in their lives.

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Florida, US


In 2015 this is the trip that changed my life forever. It was my first volunteer trip and I can say it made me a better person. 


Email: lindseys231@outlook.com

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Amazing experience in 2015! My name is Karen from Belgium , My success of going to Tanzania to volunteer was probably the best thing I've ever done. I met a lot of lovely people. I still keep in touch with a lot of them. During my stay I worked in the hospital (Urambo District Hospital).


Email: karenqueen986@gmail.com

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Tripp  from United States


In January 2016, my wife and I started planning a year long trip around the world for our family of 7.  It was a journey of a lifetime for all of us, with stops at many Wonders of the World.  But now that we have returned home and reflected on our entire journey, the one highlight that everyone agreed upon was our time volunteering with YAAPHA.

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Alejandra and Andrea from Spain


Unforgettable experience in Moshi, Tanzania - We are Andrea and Alejandra living in Barcelona. We wanted to do something different during hour holidays, and after so many ideas, we decided to go to Tanzania and visit YAAPHA in Moshi.

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Colorado, US


I’m Laura from Boulder , Colorado . Michigan State University. I had a good experience volunteering with YAAPHA.



Email:  laura.show1@yahoo.com

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Silke from Germany


Silke volunteered for YAAPHA in 2014, teaching two daily classes at the Pasua school in the Moshi urban district . Silke was a great teacher, teaching English, Maths, Science & Kiswahili (Swahili)  and very well recieved by the children at Pasua!  



E-mail:  si.schwarte@gmx.de 

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Puerto Montt, Chile


As my first traveling experience I was so nervous. Fortunately the YAAPHA staff helped me with all my doubts even I was already situated in the volunteer house.


Email:  fransiscadenison@gmail.com


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New Jersey, US


I’m Gregorio from Florence , New Jersey. I  volunteered in 2014 with YAAPHA. My volunteer placement at UJiji Primary School in Kigoma region  was very successfull.


Email: vensgregorio@yahoo.com

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Perth, Western Australia


I took part in the  Community Teaching Program for 6 weeks, over the months of February and March 2015. It was an incredible experience teaching in Urambo District in the Tabora region.


Email: hannahptre@hotmail.com

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