Our Previous Volunteers


Details of their experience can be found in the attached pdf document

Sari Jackson

Scottsdale, Arizona


My trip with YAAPHA in Tanzania was a life changing experience, there's nothing like it in this world. The amazing experience is beyond words.

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John Kelly

Melbourne, Australia


I volunteer for a week in an environmental project. The program was to build veggie garden for schools and plant trees.The students would eat the veggies from the garden for more nutrition's in their diet. I went to Mt. Meru waterfall on the weekend. You could also visit a Maasai village. It was a good experience learned how people in the village live and was immersed into the culture.

John Kelly.pdf
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Jennah Christopher

Gurnee, Illonois


I absolutely loved getting to know the local staff and just walking around the village that we stayed in was so wonderful. Everyone that we encountered was just so welcoming and kind, even though we were mzungus (white people). Whenever we passed people on the streets, a simple smile and hello would always be exchanged. That is possibly what I miss most about the trip; the common kindness that everyone carried with themselves.

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Erin Cantor

Belmont, Massachusetts


Overall, the trip was an INCREDIBLE experience that I wouldn't have traded for anything else. It is hands down one of the best (if not the single best) things I have done in my life thus far, as it has opened my eyes to so many new cultures and perspectives. 

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Eleanor Burgess

Los Angeles, California


In June 2016, I went on the YAAPHA Heart & Soul of Africa trip in Moshi, Tanzania. These two weeks were honestly the best and most rewarding weeks of my life. I learned and personally got to experience Tanzania culture - from eating food to speaking in Swahili to the locals, I gained so much valuable insight and knowledge into not just a different culture but a different world as well. In two weeks, I experienced so many things - painting traditional African batik paintings, hiking the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, cooking plantain soup, teaching primary school kids, exploring the wild outdoors through the safari weekend at Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park, and so much more.

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Emily Palmi

Essex, England


Daily work was challenging but rewarding with weekends off so plenty of time for day trips to waterfalls, hot springs etc. All project staff were so friendly and you feel like part of a family while you are there. I volunteered in a Construction and Renovation project at Mbokomu Primary School in Moshi Rural District.

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